Kim Dao: Reminisce of both Japan and Korea.

An avid skincare net guru Kim Dao talks about her fondness of their Korean and Japanese civilization and beauty goods in a current interview with kat in kcon. Discussing with kat, Kim Dao shares her fond memories of Japan and Korea and the way both states are breathtakingly beautiful and advanced in their own manner and farther shares her desire to see them and meet individuals that are equally interested in Japanese and Korean culture.

Kim Dao expresses her love for Japanese and Korean established beauty products as it suits her skin, and also ravishes about the food culture and the active lifestyle of the people in Japan and Korea, which she enjoyed, compared to the quiet life at Perth, Australia where she hails from. With limited knowledge about K-pop, Kim Dao reveals she’s ready to experience new adventures and learn from them and travel more to Japan and Korea.

Returning to Australia, Kim Dao shows she will continue to make Japanese and Korean skincare regimen for her after in her principal channel and also at the same time shell out Australian based vlogs for her long station with hopes that it is something her audience will appreciate and revel in. She plans on buying more Korean and Japanese beauty products from Amazon or ebay as the Australian products are harsher and don’t match her skin. For more information please visit here

Near the end of the interview, she also drops the revelation which she will be moving in with her boyfriend and settle with him eternally in Australia and also make efforts to visit and travel to Japan and Korea after a year. Kim Dao exuded humility and gratitude when she kissed and acknowledged her following for whatever success she would garner so far in her profession, stating that it was her after that made everything possible for her.

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